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Religious Allies for LGBT Human Rights

By Charlotte Robinson, December 21, 2010
BREAKING: Today, the UN voted in favor of restoring “sexual
orientation” to the UN General Assembly resolution on extra

judicial executions, by a margin of
93-55, with 35 abstentions.
The latest on this obscene UN bill that removes sexual orientation
from UN human rights protections which makes our community
vulnerable to unjustified executions will be addressed today
Dec. 21st at the UN in NYC. Forty national faith leaders &
organizations in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender
(LGBT) people were convened on December 13 by the Faith
Coalition for LGBT Human Rights. The group, meeting across the
street from the United Nations at the Church Center for the UN,
spoke out strongly against the action of a committee in the UN
that removed gay people from a list of groups protected from
violent targeting & extrajudicial killing. The Coalition expressed
strong support for Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador of the United
States to the United Nations, who is expected to propose
reinstatement of sexual orientation to the UN resolution on
December 20. Updates to Come....:)
Exclusive Audio Interview Montage on
Stu Maddux new film Gen Silent addressing

discrimination against LGBT Seniors


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Bruce Knotts said...

Thousands of supporters have been called on to contact US State Department officials and the UN to urge the reinstatement of sexual orientation as a protected class. In addition to this protection, the UN and all countries can add protection for everyone by adopting the Yogyakarta Principles which say, 'All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral to every person's dignity and humanity and must not be the basis for discrimination or abuse.’

Bruce Knotts, Executive Director of the Unitarian Universalist UN Office

Bishop Senyonjo said...

As a straight ally to LGBT people, I see how countries in Eastern Africa are increasingly persecuting people because of who they are and who they love, in part, because Evangelicals from the USA come to Uganda and preach against LGBT people. This divides families, communities and countries. The UN removal of sexual orientation from a list of protected groups is one more symptom of a deeply disturbing trend.

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, retired bishop from Uganda

Rev. Dr. Cindi Love said...

Imprisoning or executing people for sexual orientation or gender identity does not just violate human rights, it undermines trust, social cohesion, economic development and public health. Trust is vital for cooperation among nations, communities, families and co-workers. We call on the UN to rebuild this trust by protecting all people who are subject to persecution by unjust laws and mob actions.

Rev. Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director of Soulforce

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