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Is CNN Confrontational on LGBT Issues?

By Charlotte Robinson, January 08, 2011
GLAAD is raising an issue with CNN that I ran into in 2004 when
I approached the networks to place my short film OUTTAKE™
addressing gay marriage. At the time CBS News insisted that I show
more of the anti-gay position. I objected because there really isn’t
any "other side" to our LGBT community to speak of except false,
harmful rhetoric hate-mongers. For years networks have insisted
on including the voices of the anti-gay industry whenever a topic
that involves the LGBT community has come up. This is like giving
airtime to the KKK when talking about racial discrimination. It's time
to speak up & tell mainstream media that this is unacceptable. CNN
needs to find people who can contribute something of value to the
discussion. Updates to Come...:)
For More Info & to Sign Petition Against CNN: glaad.org
Exclusive Audio Interview with Robin Bronk, CEO
of The Creative Coalition, the leading national,

nonprofit, nonpartisan social & public advocacy org

of the arts & entertainment industry

Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™

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