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Oscar Nominations for Gay Themed Movie

By Charlotte Robinson, January 25, 2011
Exclusive Audio with Josh Rosenzweig host
of “Just Josh” that made its worldwide TV
January 28th on here! TV with lots of
celebrity dish

Obama's State of the Union speech was a missed opportunity
for LGBT civil rights, especially for gay marriage.
The Oscar nominations are OUT & "The Kids Are All Right" held
their own in 4 top categories including Best Picture, Best Actress
Annette Bening, Best Supporting Actor, Mark Ruffalo & Original
Screenplay Lisa Cholodenko & Stuart Blumberg. Missing was a
Best Director nom for Lisa Cholodenko. This is Annette Bening’s
4th nomination so as Hollywood goes her chances of winning are
good. We’ll just have to wait 34 days for the event on Sunday,
February 27th, @ the Kodak Theatre & broadcast live on ABC.
Anne Hathaway & James Franco will co-host. Updates to Come :)
When watching "The Kids Are All Right" we couldn’t help notice
that Bening’s character Nic reminded us so much of Kate Clinton
we thought she must have watched her perform or studied Kate’s
comedy DVD’s. We recently talked to Kate about the film & this
uncanny portrayal in our exclusive audio byte:

Exclusive Audio Interview with Amy Sueyoshi,
co-chair of the Board of Directors of GLBT Historical

Society & co-curator of the new GLBT History
in San Francisco @ OUTTAKE VOICES™

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Lisa Cholodenko said...

We wanted to make a film about a marriage in midlife, at a low point, the things you don’t see in most movies about what families look like behind closed doors. In a deeper analysis, especially after the DGA nominations came out, you wonder how much of people’s taste is about a style of filmmaking that might be in vogue right now — quick-cutting, thriller aspects, special effects. The films that are front and center right now are very much genre films. My film relies heavily on psychological character study.

Lisa Cholodenko, Director of “The Kids Are Alright”

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