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Update From Anti Gay Uganda

By Charlotte Robinson, March 19, 2014

Since the Uganda Parliament passed its Anti Homosexuality bill & President Yoweri Museveni signed it into law grave danger has been inflicted to the safety, dignity & basic human rights of LGBT citizens in Uganda. It’s also been a disaster to public health & the fight against HIV/AIDS. (Remember Uganda had Idi Amin & his murderous regime bring AIDS to the world.) Gay Filmmaker Tim McCarthy stated, “Mob violence is the real concern here as we wait for the government to decide when it will enforce the law. We have signed up 14 LGBT people for free health care paid for by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). We have introduced the CDC directly to an LGBT health care group to start a direct relationship for funding. LGBT people should be employed to treat & care for LGBTI people. Pepe & others have filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the anti-gay law in Uganda's Highest Court. We have done 3 interviews for “Voices of The Abasiyazzi” & have made connections with 10 more groups. Afraid or not LGBT people continue to live their lives.” Pepe added, “We have had 10 people try to commit suicide. We have had 18 people who have fled the country, as of today. We have had 6 people evicted from their homes but we know the figure is much higher. I have talked with a group of lesbians who were asked to report to the police station because they were having a meeting. They were all so frightened they ran & one was hurt. She sought health care at Mulago because I had introduced them to the LGBT health care center there the day before. Facebook is full of people desperate to leave. Some have gone to Kenya only to find it worse because they have no friends or family there. One of the guys we interviewed last time Brant was outed in the Red Pepper & now has to relocate with his son. Even US Peace Corp workers are being affected. Can you imagine being a lesbian in a country that believes in gang rape therapy to convert lesbians? For every story we share, there are at least 1000 more untold. This is the effect of the law right now. It will only get worse when they enforce the law. Where they will find the money to try, imprison & feed all the LGBT people in Uganda? What of the people who are hungry, will they turn themselves in as gay, for food? How will the police be able to tell?” Updates to Come…:)
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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

This is a horrifying situation and I appreciate your keeping this grave and deadly injustice in the public eye. Tim McCarthy is an amazing person.

Thank you so much for your work.

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