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Wisconsin Gay Marriage Update

By Charlotte Robinson, June 09, 2014

Gay & lesbian couples continue to marry in Wisconsin after U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb ruled on Friday that the state's gay marriage ban was unconstitutional. Since then hundreds of gay & lesbian couples have joyfully married in that state but Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is attempting to appeal the federal court decision. Van Hollen has also filed a petition with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago asking it for a stay. Congressman Mark Pocan (WI-02), Co-chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus stated, “For the first time, LGBT couples received the legal recognition & benefits of marriage from our state. The rights of all LGBT individuals across Wisconsin were upheld by a federal court on Friday & yet today Attorney General Van Hollen is asking a federal appeals court to stop county clerks from issuing marriage licenses. The Attorney General’s decision to appeal the ruling that struck down Wisconsin’s ban on marriage equality is a regressive & blatantly political attempt to revive a hateful & discriminatory law which violates the ideals of liberty & equality in our Constitution. Society has changed, barriers to equality continue to be broken down; it's too bad our Attorney General is still living in a more hateful day." Attorney General Van Hollen should watch this historic gay marriage short & perhaps learn something.
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