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Mykki Blanco Rapper & Artist

By Charlotte Robinson, October 13, 2015
Rapper & artist Mykki Blanco who made history earlier this year when he came out as HIV positive becoming the only living rapper who acknowledges having the virus is gracing the cover of Plus Magazine for its November/December 2015 issue. Mykki Blanco talks coming out as HIV-positive & how that has changed both his career & personal life stating, “Everyone always knew I was gay. My father told me he knew I was gay when I was 3 years old. How deceived would they, the fans feel if, 20 years from now, they found out I was HIV-positive but I was too afraid of the stigma to come out about it? What kind of fraud would I have been to all the people that supported me? All the people that are trans & positive? Who are gay & positive? Who supported me & bought my music & come to my shows? I couldn’t be honest with myself enough, to love myself enough, so that self-love could then be encouragement or inspiration to them? No, no, no. Honestly, truthfully, I think I have too much integrity for that.” Blanco who has been HIV positive since 2011 added, “Being HIV-positive doesn’t mean you don’t get to feel sexy or free or liberated. It doesn’t silence you from talking about sex or having sex. Be safe. Be conscious. Be aware. But don’t let society make you feel like you can’t be sexy, or ashamed for being sexual. Stay safe. Stay free.”
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