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Sharon Isbin At Carnegie Hall

By Charlotte Robinson, October 18, 2015
Multiple Grammy-winning guitarist Sharon Isbin will be appearing at Carnegie Hall for two performances on November 4th & 12th. First on November 4th with Sting, Katy Perry & Jerry Seinfeld & then a recital on November 12th with Isabel Leonard in a program of Spanish music with a world premiere by Richard Danielpour. We interviewed Sharon in 2014 about her fabulous film SHARON ISBIN: TROUBADOUR which just won the 2015 ASCAP Foundation Deems Taylor/Virgil Thomson Television Broadcast Award. The hour-long documentary was created by award-winning producer Susan Dangel & Emmy-winning producer/editor Dick Bartlett & was seen by millions on nearly 200 PBS stations across the country. The film includes interviews with Martina Navratilova, Joan Baez, Janis Ian, Lesley Gore, Michelle Obama & many others. When we asked Sharon on OUTTAKE VOICES what she would like to see happen for LGBT equality in the next few years she stated, “Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if you didn’t have to worry about simply wanting the same rights as everyone else has? Whether it be job security, whether it be education opportunity or not to be bullied? I mean these are basic human rights that we are still fighting for today & it would be wonderful if that world would change & people could really feel free to be who they are & be accepted by their families, be accepted by their colleagues and their friends & really live their lives without having to worry about a sexual orientation being a determining factor in whether or not they can be accepted or successful.”
For More Info & Tix: sharonisbintroubadour.com
LISTEN: Sharon Isbin Talks About Her Documentary & More
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™


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Unknown said...

You know, I don't require lots of money. I live a simple life and I accept the fact that I am poor. But Goddam it anyway. I wish that I had the money to go to see her at Carnegie Hall. I've never been to Carnegie Hall but I heard Cat Stevens play there on PBS a long time ago. I was so impressed with the richness of sound that I have never forgotten. I have wanted to sit in there and listen to any acoustic favorite just to experience it. I discovered Sharon while searching UTube one day when I was bored. I was looking for Spanish Flamenco acoustic guitar players. I didn't know who she was but I gave it a play and was just astonished at how accomplished this lady was. She was so fluid and graceful in her representation of the piece she was doing. I listened to other players like Segovia, because I had heard that he was very good. I listened to others, but kept coming back to Sharon. I'm sure they'll record it though and someday I'll see it on PBS or someone will upload it to UTube. But really being there, that would be the best experience I can imagine at this point in my life. Darn!

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