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Lesbians Address Internal Clash

By Charlotte Robinson, April 24, 2016
Boston OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing For Change) will meet on Sunday May 1st from 2P to 4P with four insightful presentations addressing “Warring Lesbians”. Although there was an initial semblance of unity in the early Lesbian-Feminist movement by the late 70s differences soon emerged including the issues of class. Extremely divisive were political positions on lesbian separatism as well as butch/femme identities, transgender inclusion, pornography & S/M sexuality are sometime referred to as the lesbian sex wars. The following OLOC presentations on “Warring Lesbians” will address these polarizing issues. Guest speakers will include, Jyl Lynn Felman on “Butch/Femme: Past & Present”, Cynthia Bauman with “Lessons from the Feminist Wars”, Sue Katz will address “Class Conflict: A Working Class Perspective” & Sarah Pearlman concludes with “Deciphering the Sex/Gender Wars of the 70s & 80s”. Alice Fisher, Founding Member of OLOC-Boston stated, “For our last OLOC meeting until Fall come learn or remember the days of the lesbian wars. Were you a separatist, androgynous or simply baffled by all the tumultuous events? When you think of those days do you still hold the same ideas sacred? This will give us the space to re-think those days”. OLOC Boston events are open to all lesbians, including transgender lesbians, who want to attend a group for old lesbians & to create a community of older lesbians. The event takes place at Brookline Senior Center, 93 Winchester Street in Brookline, MA. Following the event there will be an early dinner at Sichuan Garden, 295 Washington Street in Brookline Village, Brookline.
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