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The Untamed Stage Musical

By Charlotte Robinson, April 17, 2016
In the shocking Thrillpeddlers & Cockettes’ tradition “The Untamed Stage” a Weimar Berlin-inspired musical production by Scrumbly Koldewyn is being presented at The Hypnodrome in San Francisco as a two-act music theatre piece now through May 28th on Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays at 8P. Scrumbly Koldewyn stated, “Hearing Ute Lempur’s album, Berlin Cabaret for the first time in 1998, inspired me to put on an evening of the music (the first edition of “The Untamed Stage”) & to do some extensive digging for more Weimar period popular songs in Germany. As much ahead of the rest of the world as Berlin’s wild free-wheeling night life was, the songs, many by Hollaender (“Falling In Love Again”) & Spoliansky, the Cole Porter and Noël Coward of Germany, are amazingly skilled and extensively numerous. Unfortunately, for this 2016 production, obtaining the performing rights are very complicated, so I decided to create new material “in the style of” the 20s Berlin songs. Not to compete with Kander and Ebb’s “Cabaret”, I chose to carry the irony & the explicitness a step or two further. However themes remain the same; man-devouring vamps, the blending of gender, biting social commentary, etc. Songs will be sung by performers with that certain Berliner attitude – “We are who we are”. Dr. Mel Gordon’s pictorial book, Voluptuous Panic, further inspired Thrillpeddlers & myself to put together a show that reflects the relevance of Weimar Berlin to present-day San Francisco, where the denizens might be too intent on being entertained & distracted to take note of a rising tide of hatred & fear in the rest of the country.”
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