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Matt Shepard Film Wins Emmy

By Charlotte Robinson, April 30, 2016
Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine directed by Michele Josue wins the 2016 Daytime Emmy Award in the Best Special Class Special category. Matthew Shepard as you know was the young man brutally murdered in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998 just because he was gay. This very moving documentary by Josue who knew Shepard takes you on a journey across the United States, Switzerland & Morocco with a fabulous heartfelt result that has screened at over two dozen festivals worldwide & now has won this much deserved Emmy Award. We interviewed Josue a few years ago on OUTTAKE VOICES & when we asked her what her personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights Michele stated, “I think gay or straight, I think that everyone should have a commitment to LGBT civil rights. You know gay rights are human rights & the struggle affects all of us. For me it’s really important to stand up for my gay family members, my gay friends, Matt & all the Matt Shepards out there. To fight for their rights to be acknowledged as equal members of society, deserving of every equality that everyone else has… So through the film I’m trying to do my part for LGBT equality.” The film is now available on DVD & to rent or own on all digital platforms.
Listen to Michele Josue Talk About Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine In This Exclusive Audio Byte:
For More Info: mattshepardisafriendofmine.com
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