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By Charlotte Robinson, July 18, 2017
In the past few years there are so many trends about how our LGBTQ or LGBT community is classified. Based on data by Community Marketing & Insights, both can now be used. The advantages of “LGBT” are that the term is more favored across the diversity of our community, has higher favorable rates among baby boomers, & the term is often perceived as being “safer” by corporations. However “LGBTQ” has made making significant gains in the past few years especially among millennials & now has minimal negatives across any demographic group. The big shift from last year is that for the first time, LGBTQ now has an over 50% approval rating among baby boomers. Then it appears that millennials seem to prefer the term “Queer” while baby boomers shudder at the term remembering it as a homophobic slur. Also the term “LGBT-friendly” is far more popular than the historical term of “gay-friendly” which can now be seen as exclusionary of the L, B & T. Importantly the term “gay-friendly” now has a negative rating among millennials, who prefer “LGBT-friendly.” CMI advises corporation to use care in the use of terminology, which means avoiding terms such as, “gay-friendly,” or “gay neighborhoods,” & instead using “LGBT-friendly” & “LGBT neighborhoods.” Then to make thing even more complicated the report found that there’s the new shift among millennials in relationships. Lately many LGBTQ community members in a relationship do not consider themselves as male or female. The report for the first time attempted to recognize & quantify relationships for gender expansive identities.
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Susan said...

Great post. I really identify with the word 'queer.' I know for some it can be seen as a slur but I honestly believe our community as taken back the word. Queer for me now signifies strength, community and the beauty of being different. Keep up the good work, this was very informative.


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