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Bermuda Marriage Equality At Risk

By Charlotte Robinson, December 14, 2017
Disturbing news coming out of Bermuda. The Bermuda Parliament has passed anti LGBTQ legislation to repeal marriage equality. If the measure is signed in to law by John Rankin the Governor of Bermuda & becomes law the British overseas territory will become the first territory in the world to take away the right of gay & lesbian couples to marry. Ty Cobb, Director of HRC Global stated, “If Governor Rankin signs this measure into law, it will rip away the right of loving same-gender couples in Bermuda to marry. That’s unconscionable. With international business & tourism as its major industries, Bermuda’s people, international reputation & economy would all be harmed by this legislation. It is crucial that Governor Rankin reject this assault on equality.” In a letter to Senators the Bermuda Tourism Authority warned of consequences for the tourism industry if the measure becomes law, citing economic fallout over anti-LGBTQ measures in North Carolina & Indiana. The letter states, “Significantly, it’s not only LGBT travelers that care about equal rights based on sexual orientation. Our research indicates many companies, consumers and travelers, including the overwhelming majority of the younger visitors powering Bermuda’s growth, care about this issue. It’s why the fallout in North Carolina & Indiana has proven so detrimental.” So think twice about traveling to Bermuda until this is resolved. Bermuda achieved marriage equality through a Supreme Court ruling in May this year.
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