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By Charlotte Robinson, December 29, 2017
Though this has been a very challenging year for our LGBTQ community we want to thank our millions of global listeners for tripling our audience in 2017 making OUTTAKE VOICES such a fabulous success heading into our tenth year. We also want to thank all the LGBTQ activists, celebrities & allies who appeared on our audio podcast series in 2017 syndicated on Huffington Post & iTunes. Thank you fierce allies Hillevi Loven & Chris Hastings Executive Producer of the World Channel, Joerg Kohring, Jess Niven-Kohring & Barbara Niven creators of “Be The Change”, iconic actress Loni Anderson, Grammy winner Janis Ian, Abe Rybeck of The Theater Offensive, GLSEN’s Jessica Toste, Reuben M. Reynolds III Boston Gay Men’s Chorus, Mariah Hanson “The Dinah” creator, James Nadeau, Wicked Queer Boston’s LGBT Film Festival, filmmaker C. Fitz & LGBTQ pioneer Jewel Thais-Williams, author Boze Hadleigh, GLAAD’s Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson, Groundswell Fund’s Vanessa Daniel, Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen, Amie Klujian, Rick McCarthy Provincetown International Film Festival also the fabulous ally Chloë Sevigny, gay activist artist Jay Critchley, columnist Michael Musto, Sarah Wharton, filmmakers P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes, director John Waters, ally director Katherine Dieckmann. Bride Pride creators Ilene Mitnick & Allison Baldwin, Liz Baxter, Matt Thorn, actors Emerson Collins & Bruce Randolph Nelson, Rev. Christie Hardwick, Dr. Gayle E. Pitman, ally Liz Cheng World Channel, “Desert Hearts” director Donna Deitch, allies Cheryl Osimo, playwright Oliver Mayer, Jennifer Camille Lee, iconic lesbian filmmaker Nicole Conn, author Eric Rosswood, Deb Dunn, Phillip Ward, Victoria Munro, Joie Lamar & Kate Clinton our favorite political humorist with her annual LGBTQ year end review.
LISTEN: Kate Clinton Annual LGBTQ Year End Review & More
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