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Yuletide Gay Winter Solstice

By Charlotte Robinson, December 21, 2017
With the passage of the GOP tax bill, which will devastates health care, education, social services & innumerable programs for millions of Americans including our LGBTQ community we head into the shortest day of the year with only 9 ½ hours of sunlight here in the northeast. Though we may have a little mental relief knowing that as the Winter Solstice arrives marking the shortest day of the year & also the longest night, days will be getting longer but America needs to get out of this darkness & become more humanitarian. With that said, back to the Winter Solstice which is also known as Yule. We love celebrating our Yuletide Gay. A little history about solstice as witches & warlocks celebrate this date as the birth of the Sun God since from this point forward the days get longer. Wiccan celebrations include Yule logs, Yule trees & Mistletoe which all sounds a lot like our traditional Christmas celebrations. There are many customs associated with the Winter Solstice that derive from stories of a mighty battle between the dark & the light or in America we call that between the haves & have-nots. Then there’s Albert Camus the French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist & philosopher famous Winter Solstice quote “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” However our LGBTQ community celebrates the shortest day & longest night, whether alone or with family & friends in the northern hemisphere just remember that the southern hemisphere is basking in sunshine & enjoying the first day of summer.
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