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World AIDS Day 2017 (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, December 01, 2017
It’s really no surprise that the Trump administration’s World AIDS Day proclamation excluded any mention of our LGBTQ community or people of color. David Stacy, HRC Director of Government Affairs stated, “The White House’s failure to mention the LGBTQ community in its World AIDS Day Proclamation reflects their ongoing efforts to avoid addressing the needs of LGBTQ people. This is part of a disturbing pattern of actions they have taken from attempting to ban transgender service members to issuing a sweeping license to discriminate. Further, Trump's continued attacks on access to health care & critical HIV programs have already set back efforts to combat this epidemic.” As Trump continues to create his delusional world where our LGBTQ community & minorities does not exist, there will be events nationally & globally honoring World AIDS Day. Kelsey Louie GMHC CEO stated, “Candlelight vigils, rallies, gatherings & other ways that people can come together—especially on World AIDS Day—remain important because AIDS is not over. When we gather, we support each other to keep going, keep doing the work in all the ways we can & keep persisting & resisting with a collective goal to end AIDS at epidemic levels by 2020.” We talked to Larry Kramer the pioneering co-founder of Gay Men’s Health Crisis & ACT UP a few years ago about his spin on the AIDS crisis that continues in this country & around the world in this exclusive audio byte. LISTEN:  
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