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Judicial Attack On LGBTQ People

By Charlotte Robinson, February 08, 2018
The momentum against our LGBTQ community in this country has been increasing ever since the Trump administration came to be. The most discouraging has been Trump’s agenda to pack federal courts with judges who have demonstrated hostility towards civil rights for LGBTQ people & other marginalized groups. Federal judges are suppose to be impartial in interpreting the law but Trump & his chief congressional enabler, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are ramming through a record number of homophobic extremists to lifetime appointments on the federal judiciary. Fully one-third of Trump nominees have anti-LGBT records & no one is doing anything to prevent this horrendous travesty on our judicial system. Some examples are the Fifth Circuit nominee Stuart Kyle Duncan who leads a law firm that has made a boutique practice of smearing LGBTQ people. The we have Texas district court nominee Matthew Kacsmaryk has expressed disbelief of the very concept of being transgender & denounced even the limited LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections passed in Utah on the ground that any protections whatsoever legitimize LGBT people in society’s eyes. Unfortunately other anti-LGBT nominees have already been confirmed including Deputy White House Counsel Greg Katsas, the legal architect of the transgender military ban & adviser on numerous anti–civil rights actions by the Trump White House was narrowly confirmed to the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals late last year & Steven Grasz who wrote that the possibility of Nebraska courts recognizing gay & lesbian marriages performed in Hawaii was a “grave danger,” was confirmed to a lifetime appointment on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. In this exclusive podcast our LGBTQ legal organizations talk about this alarming anti-LGBTQ judicial trend. LISTEN:
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