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Lesbian Senior Housing Dilemma

By Charlotte Robinson, February 28, 2018
Boston OLOC (Old Lesbians Organizing For Change) presents “Telling It Like It Is & Isn’t: Older Lesbians Living in Senior (hetero) Housing” on Sunday March 4th from 2P to 4P at the Brookline Senior Center at 93 Winchester Street in Brookline, Massachusetts. Earlier this year we heard the horror story about Marsha Wetzel a senior lesbian living in a retirement community in California who was abused both physically & verbally because she is gay. Our senior LGBT elders deserve to be treated with respect & feel safe no matter who they are or who they loved. Join panelists Shari Barden, MaryAnn Cassella, Lois Johnson, Ann Kennedy & Jean Stewart with moderator Barbara Mantel to address this important issue. Sarah Pearlman Founding Member of OLOC-Boston stated, “Expect an invaluable lesson on what it’s like for older lesbians to leave their home & move into senior or assisted living housing. Included are the different financial arrangements, adjustment issues, coming out & what it’s like to be old & lesbian and live in a primarily heterosexual environment.” Boston programs & events are open to lesbians of all ages, including transgender lesbians. OLOC’s mission includes their commitment to creating communities of older lesbians & solidarity with allies for racial, economic & social justice. Following the event there will be an early dinner at Lemon Grass at 239 Harvard Street in Brookline, MA.
For More Info: spearlman@hartford.edu
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