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US Exits UN Human Rights Council

By Charlotte Robinson, June 20, 2018
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo & U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Nikki Haley announced the withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations Human Rights Council. The UN Human Rights Council based in Geneva is the world's preeminent human rights institution with a mandate to strengthen the promotion & protection of human rights around the globe & to address human rights violations. The Council has been a site for progress for LGBTQ human rights over the past ten years leading to the recent establishment of the first UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, a position currently held by Victor Madrigal-Borloz. OutRight Action International stated, “The US withdrawal from the Human Rights Council is symptomatic of overall US isolationism & a move away from multilateral diplomacy. This administration’s “America First” promise is rearing its head in every foreign & domestic policy decision, including this one…For many LGBTIQ people, the Human Rights Council & the United Nations as a whole are ports of last call when their own governments fail them. Without a history of progress on LGBTIQ human rights at the Human Rights Council we would have no progress to speak of within the UN system today. Withdrawing from the Council sends a message to other countries that its acceptable to walk away from the system when it doesn’t suit you to be there. Imagine, what would happen if all countries walked away from the UN because of disagreements.” For More Info: outrightinternational.org
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