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Elder Lesbian Couple Denied Housing

By Charlotte Robinson, July 30, 2018
While Massachusetts passed legislation protections for LGBT Elders last week the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), Relman, Dane & Colfax PLLC & co-counsel filed a lawsuit in St. Louis, MO on behalf of married lesbian couple Mary Walsh & Bev Nance against senior housing community Friendship Village Sunset Hills after being denied housing. Friendship Village refused Mary & Bev who have been together for 40 years because it followed the “Biblical definition” of marriage & “defined marriage as between a man & a woman.” Shannon Minter NCLR Legal Director stated, “Bev & Mary faced painful discrimination & would not have if either of them were instead married to a man. This story demonstrates the severity of the discrimination & harm that members of our community still face daily. NCLR thanks SAGE for its important work to increase public education & eliminate this discrimination in the lives of LGBTQ seniors.” Michael Adams SAGE CEO concluded, “The horrible discrimination experienced by this older lesbian couple for something as basic as senior housing is a stark reminder of the challenges that many LGBT elders face. We know that this story is far from unique. Research shows that 45 percent of same-gender couples who apply for senior housing in Missouri are discriminated against. This lawsuit will help ensure that Mary & Bev & all older same-gender couples will have the same access to senior housing as everybody else.” In response SAGE is expanding its Care Can’t Wait campaign by asking community members & supporters to sign a pledge to stand with Mary & Bev & all LGBT elders in the face of discrimination.
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Marilyn Rosen said...

So many successes against discrimination, but as evidenced here, the battle is ongoing for equal treatment for all. So grateful for the activism to help assure the safety and security for our aging population.

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