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Florida Creating A New HIV Crisis

By Charlotte Robinson, July 08, 2018
Governor Rick Scott & Florida Medicaid officials are denying renewal of an HIV care contract with AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Positive Healthcare which has been providing critical health insurance coverage for people living with HIV in Florida since 1999 & forcing HIV patients to use for-profit companies that don’t currently cover their sustained medical provider. Donna Stidham, Chief of Managed Care for AHF stated, “Given the increased number of those now living with HIV in Florida, it is deplorable that Governor Scott has continued to play with people’s lives, while padding the pockets of a small group of for-profit companies. Many of these patients, currently covered by PHC, have been seeing their doctor for years, even decades & are thriving in care. These same patients will suffer disruption of treatment & can suffer substandard care if they are simply dumped into the general patient population, or if their care is jobbed out by huge, for-profit insurance companies for treatment by a family medicine doctor or general practitioner without HIV expertise.” Michael Kahane, AHF Southern Bureau Chief concluded, “If we are to address the continual rise in individuals newly diagnosed with HIV, it is critical that Governor Scott & all public servants, guarantee that everyone is at the table to ensure the necessary care is provided for those living with HIV. As the leading non-profit agency addressing the HIV epidemic across this nation, our primary focus is on quality patient care & not profit. All who are living with a chronic illness, like HIV, have the undeniable right to choose the medical provider that they trust, that provides the care that they need & the insurance coverage to sustain this care.”
For More Info: aidshealth.org
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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

HIV has no particular target group...all are susceptible...denying this coverage is a sin against humanity and the universe has ways of equalizing the playing field...think twice about this decision

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