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LGBTQ People At Risk In USA

By Charlotte Robinson, August 14, 2018
LGBTQ people & their families are particularly at risk with the Trump administration, Congress & state governments ongoing attacks on crucial public programs that provide vital support to people in need. A survey conducted by the Center for American Progress found that LGBTQ people & their families are more likely to participate in public assistance programs than non-LGBTQ people & their families. For example 20.9 percent of LGBTQ people & their families receive health care from Medicaid while only 12.9 percent of non-LGBTQ people & their families do. This disparity is even larger when it comes to nutrition assistance: LGBTQ people & their families receive help from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) at more than twice the rate of non-LGBTQ people & their families. Caitlin Rooney, co-author of the report stated, “Cuts to these programs would devastate support systems for millions of Americans but they are likely to hit the LGBTQ community even harder.” LGBTQ people with disabilities & their families would be especially harmed by benefit cuts. About 41 percent of LGBTQ people with disabilities reported that they or their family received SNAP benefits, compared with 16 percent of LGBTQ people without disabilities. LGBTQ women in particular depend on benefits programs to make ends meet. About 26 percent of LGBTQ women receive SNAP benefits while 9.7 percent of non-LGBTQ women do. Transgender individuals & their families would also be hit hard. According to the survey transgender people & their families are five times more likely to receive public housing assistance than cisgender people & their families.
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Marilyn Rosen said...

These statistics are potentially devastating and will hit every group needing public support, a longtime American value. We have to work together and keep pushing back as a united front. Thank you for sharing this information so we can arm ourselves to put pressure on our representatives.

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