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Supreme Court Reviews LGBT Rights

By Charlotte Robinson, April 23, 2019
It’s amazing that in 2019 our LGBT civil rights once again remain in the hands of a totally heterosexual U.S. Supreme Court with a proved bias against our community since Trump reinforced the bench with the appointments of Gorsuch & Kavanaugh. So as we go forward with the celebration of Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary in June we anticipate a judicial pendulum in October that could easily go either way. If the court rules in our favor Title VII of Civil Rights of 1964, which bars sex discrimination in the workplace will encompass protections for our LGBT community. If the court rules against equality for our LGBT community the fight continues. Regardless of the outcome we have 6 months to organize & mobilize something that we have been extremely successful with. This is not the time for complacency when so much is at stake. Laura Durso, Vice President of the LGBT Research & Communications Project at the Center for American Progress stated, “People should have the right to love who they love & be who they are without fear of losing their job. Too many lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender people face bias in the workplace, making it harder to provide for themselves & their families. The Supreme Court should affirm the growing consensus of federal courts in recognizing the reality of this discrimination in order to ensure that LGBT employees are guaranteed the same protections afforded to other workers.” It’s time once again to make LGBT equality history “of the people, by the people & for the people.” (Graphic by Richard Emmanuel)
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