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Global LGBTQ Update

By Charlotte Robinson, July 23, 2019
The good news we can report is that Alan Turing one of the pioneering figures in modern computing & also a tragic one in our LGBTQ history will soon appear on the U.K.’s £50 note. Sad news from Russia is that Yelena Grigoryeva an LGBTQ rights activist in St. Petersburg has been murdered according to Fontanka the local online newspaper. Grigoryeva was found dead with multiple stab wounds on July 20th near her house & apparently was strangled according to Fontanka as well as a Facebook post from the Russian LGBT Network. According to sources Yelena had frequently been a victim of violence & received death threats. Though she filed complaints to the police regarding the violence & the threats there was no action taken. In the land of Putin it’s not clear whether the police are investigating her death as a hate crime. Then in Poland over the weekend police in eastern Poland detained a number of people who threw bottles at officers & verbally abused participants in the city of Bialystok’s first LGBTQ pride parade on Saturday. It’s reported that officers in riot gear & border guards escorted more than 500 people along the Equality Parade route in Bialystok where officers fired tear gas at a group of young men who tried to block the parade & started throwing bottles at them. Local police spokesman Tomasz Krupa stated one person was detained for allegedly snatching a rainbow flag away from a parade participant. However the parade marched on with banners reading “Love is not a Sin” & “Equality of the Sexes.”
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