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NAACP Passes LGBTQ Resolutions

By Charlotte Robinson, July 25, 2019
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) voted unanimously on 3 pro-LGBTQ resolutions with far reaching impact on their 2,000+ units/chapters across the country. The NAACP was a champion for marriage equality & remains a strong advocate for the Equality Act & is now taking action to do deeper work with their units & chapters to invoke change locally. David Johns, Executive Director, National Black Justice Coalition stated, “Anyone who purports to care about the well-being of Black people must care about all of us all of the time. At a time when our community is under attack by occupants of the highest office in the country as well as the lowest depths of hatred & bigotry, it is noteworthy that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is taking meaningful steps toward intersectional social justice. Too many people think that the gains made by the white LGBTQ community are eroding civil protections for Black people & these people miss the fact that as long as there have been Black people there have been Black LGBTQ & same gender loving (SGL) people. Black LGBTQ/SGL people are vulnerable to discrimination & dying at a disproportionate rate & this does not have to be our reality. The resolutions passed by the NAACP will help to ensure that local chapters across the country do a better job of holding space & ensuring equality for all Black people. The National Black Justice Coalition is proud to serve as a resource.” The resolutions marked the next chapter in the NAACP's support of our community in ending murders & violence against transgender women & supporting the transgender community, prevention & earlier detection of HIV Virus & inclusion of LGBTQ Diversity & Sensitivity training for units/chapters.
For More Info: nbjc.org
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