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Global Conversion Therapy Report

By Charlotte Robinson, August 22, 2019
A groundbreaking new report released by OutRight Action International exposes the global reach of so-called conversion therapy. Drawing on data from survey results with almost 500 respondents from 80 countries & in-depth interviews with experts & survivors from more than a dozen countries, the report overwhelmingly shows that so-called conversion therapy efforts occur across the world & are predominantly promoted & perpetrated by people acting in the name of religion or pseudo-healthcare, often instigated by family pressure. Maria Sjödin, Deputy Director of Outright Action International stated, “Our report paints a chilling picture of the global prevalence of these barbaric practices which constitute cis-gender, heteronormative indoctrination. So-called conversion therapy efforts hinge on the belief that cis-gender heterosexuality is the norm & gender identities beyond the binary and/or same-gender attraction not only fall outside the norm, but have to be changed, if need be by brutal, inhuman force, through practices which have been recognized to be tantamount to torture by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. We welcome the efforts of a handful of governments around the world to ban so-called conversion therapy & urge governments in other countries highlighted in this report to take similar steps to safeguard their LGBTIQ citizens from these harmful practices. At the same time, it is clear that the demand for “conversion therapy” will only diminish when social, family & religious condemnation of LGBTIQ lives ceases & LGBTIQ people are free to live their lives with access to their full human rights. As such, we look forward to working across civil society, states & multilateral organizations to not only ban "conversion therapy", but continually seek ways to ensure the sustainable & genuine inclusion, acceptance & safeguarding of the human rights of LGBTIQ people.”
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