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My Woodstock Trip Revisited Part 2

By Charlotte Robinson, August 15, 2019
During the summer of 1969 I was seeing this guy Rob who had a Ford Econoline van & he was game in making the drive to Woodstock. Then the complications began to arise. He also wanted to take this other person Anne. We stopped off at a mutual friend of ours Richard whose college roommate Patrick was visiting. Patrick decided he wanted to join us so our Woodstock foursome was established & we were off for Bethel, New York the evening of August 14th. We drove as far as the traffic would allow & then had to walk to the site of the concert. The day was typically hot for August as Patrick & I headed for the concert site. Rob & Anne remained in the van to explore their new found chemistry in the time of drugs, sex & rock 'n' roll as they were redefining the latter. I’m not sure how many miles Patrick & I walked but it seemed to take hours as we joined the steady stream of thousands on our crusade to the concert site. Along the way we drank water from neighboring lawn hoses since this was way before bottled water & stores along the way were quickly selling out of stock. As we neared the concert site Hog Farm a commune from New Mexico was serving free bowls of brown rice. I think it was the first time I ate brown rice. As we entered the concert site I was overwhelmed hearing Richie Havens lead a chorus of hundreds of thousands singing With A Little Help From My Friends followed by Strawberry Fields For Ever, Hey Jude & finishing with Freedom. We left the site as the sun was setting & Tim Hardin was singing If I Were A Carpenter & made our way back to Rob & Anne in the van. We slept through the night & were awakened by thunder & lightning with pouring rain in the morning & mutually agreed to leave Woodstock. We were golden caught in the devil's bargain & we got ourselves back to the garden of Cape Ann. Read Part One
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