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Equality Florida Virtual Celebration

By Charlotte Robinson, November 01, 2020

Equality Florida will virtually present The Voice for Equality Award to Chasten Buttigieg at the organization’s 18th Annual Equality Florida Broward Celebration on Saturday November 7th that will be live streamed on Facebook & YouTube at 7P EST. Nadine Smith Equality Florida CEO stated, “It was a huge political breakthrough for an out gay man to run for president as a major party candidate & it was an equally tremendous cultural breakthrough for Chasten to stand beside his husband every step of the way, supportive, authentic & a force for change in his own right. For countless Americans, Chasten & Pete brought a new level of visibility & honesty to our community that was real & raw & relatable. We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Chasten & hope it will inspire others to live their lives out & proud & for parents to always love all their kids exactly the way they are.” Chasten concluded, “I’m still a little overwhelmed to be receiving such an honor, for being myself & living my truth. Still, I am proud of what we’ve done, how far we’ve come, if it helps even one young LGBTQ person to live without fear of rejection & to realize their dreams. At the same time, I know how much Equality Florida, which is very much the vanguard of LGBTQ equality work - has contributed to that process.” The Legacy For Equality Award (posthumous) will go to Wilton Manors Mayor Justin Flippen who died suddenly of a brain aneurism in February while on his way to a commission meeting. Justin was a dedicated public servant & a trailblazer, living out & proud for the whole of his adult and public life. Musical entertainment will be provided by members of the South Florida Symphony Orchestra & the Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida for a truly memorable & fun evening for all.    For Info & Tix: eqfl.org

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