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Lesbian Series "Dating In Place" (VIDEO)

By Charlotte Robinson, November 02, 2020

In these social distancing times something to definitely check out is "Dating In Place" the new original series available to stream exclusively on OML (formerly “One More Lesbian”) channel on the Revry Network. Told through the screens & mobile devices of four young women the show follows Jo a hopeful romantic who finds the woman of her dreams only to discover that her crush lives halfway across the world. The original series consists of 10 episodes & filmed from the novel perspective of the four female leads & is created by director Marina Rice Bader (Ava's Impossible Things) & Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera (The Influencer, Girls Like Magic) who wrote the series & stars as Jo’s crush Debika. Marina Rice Bader stated, “As someone who has always been both challenged & fascinated by the idea of ‘true love’ I wanted to explore what it means to be on the brink of that magical experience only to have circumstances out of your control crash in & threaten to steal it away from you. Finding real love is tough enough, you know, without a global pandemic working against you.” Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera concluded, “The pandemic hindered a lot more than just romance. With film productions being shut down indefinitely, filmmakers not only lost their livelihoods but their purpose as storytellers. I saw this as an incredible opportunity to craft a story around the technology that was available to me in the hopes that it would allow me to continue to tell inclusive stories.” The "Dating In Place" cast also includes Emily Goss (Future Man, Seasons of Love), Kari Alison Hodge (Goodkisser, Crazy Bitches) & Mandahla Rose (All About E, Venice: The Series). Watch Trailer  

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