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New Survey Addressing LGBTQ Women

By Charlotte Robinson, September 20, 2021

The National LGBTQ+ Women’s Community Survey recently launched a community based research & organizing effort to learn from the experiences of women who partner with other women & gather groundbreaking data. Garnering 5,200 respondents to date this unique effort is led by veteran queer, lesbian, bi, trans, nonbinary, researchers & activists. The survey is designed to discover all we know & do not know about the life experience of LGBTQ women who partner with women. Their goal is to reach 20,000 participants for the study by December 15th 2021. Dr. Jaime M. Grant, Survey Research Director stated, “Existing research about LGBTQ+ women excludes so many of us because it's often centered in sexual behavior rather than identity. We wanted people to see the full scope of our community -- all of us who did, have or do identify as women & or have partnered with women. Hence, our study has deep, community-centered questions about identity, so that we can see people in all their nuances. We want to be able to report on what’s happening in the collective as well as point out specific vulnerabilities.” Urvashi Vaid, The Vaid Group added, “Queer women’s lives are so varied & plural. We want to invite all women who have partnered with other women to share their experience of family, work, life, identity, gender, race, community, discrimination & resilience & much more. Our goal is to bring forward real life experience to inform policy change, service delivery & action to support LGBTQ+ women.” The survey is distributed online & available in English & Spanish & is for anyone who has identified as an LGBTQ woman who partners with women at any point in their lives. All data gathered is completely anonymous & confidential. For More Info… 

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