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Texas Launches A New War On Women

By Charlotte Robinson, September 03, 2021

Now that The Supreme Court has refused to block the obscene new Texas Law SB8 prohibiting most abortions that took effect September 1st, our country must acknowledge that Texas has formally launched a war on women. With Trump successfully packing the Supreme Court with anti-choice judges including at least two known predators it’s time to stop the American assault on women’s right to control their own bodies. In the midst of a pandemic with the country suffering from hurricanes & fires Texas declared that women in their state won't be able to get an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy which is before many women even know they're pregnant. Texas already had extreme abortion restrictions that make it difficult to access safe, legal abortion in their state but this law makes things even worse. It also encourages private citizens to sue abortion providers as well as anyone who helps a woman access an abortion in Texas with a $10,000 reward. Vice President Kamala Harris stated, “Last night, the Supreme Court threatened nearly 50 years of legal precedent, dealing a significant blow to Roe v. Wade & the right of women to make decisions about their own bodies. Without a hearing or due consideration, the majority of justices effectively allowed a bounty law to go into effect in Texas & an abortion ban after about six weeks of pregnancy even in cases of rape or incest. This decision is not the last word on Roe v. Wade & we will not stand by & allow our nation to go back to the days of back-alley abortions. We will not abide by cash incentives for virtual vigilantes & intimidation for patients. We will use every lever of our Administration to defend the right to safe & legal abortion & to strengthen that right.” To Save Roe v. Wade…

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