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Brother Murders Transgender Sister

By Charlotte Robinson, February 10, 2022

Doski Azad was a transgender woman who was murdered by her brother in Kurdistan-Iraq on January 31st who traveled back to the region after living abroad in Europe. Salah Ahmad Jiyan Foundation Founder & Chair stated, “So-called ‘honor killings’ are barbaric hate crimes that have no place in a civilized society. This despicable act is emblematic of a culture that invites terrorism, hatred & violence across the Middle East. Jiyan Foundation, together with like-minded organizations across the region urge the Kurdistan Regional Government & Iraqi authorities to end the ‘honor killing’ tradition by prioritizing investigations of hate crimes committed against LGBTQ+ individuals.” Shene Mohammed Jiyan Foundation Psychotherapist concluded, “Most LGBTQ+ people in the Kurdistan Region we see are afraid to show themselves because of the violence they face; they struggle with depression & substance abuse, anxiety, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts & guilt because their families & society do not accept them. They don’t feel that they are loved by society.” The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is a nonprofit organization that supports survivors of human rights violations, defends fundamental freedoms & promotes democratic values throughout the world. Jiyan Foundation seeks to build democratic societies that protects the dignity of human beings where adults & children enjoy the rights to life & freedom & citizens are free from violence, torture & terror. Their programs, projects & initiatives provide mental health, medical treatment & other health services to survivors of trauma, terror, domestic violence & human rights violations. Since 2005 their programs have provided support to over 100,000 people. For More Info…

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