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South Dakota Passes Anti-Trans Bill

By Charlotte Robinson, February 02, 2022

The South Dakota House has passed Senate Bill 46 an anti-transgender sports ban becoming the first state legislature to send discriminatory transgender legislation to a governor’s desk in 2022. They also passed House Bill 1005 a second anti-transgender bill that would prohibit transgender students from using multi-occupancy public school facilities consistent with their gender identity, including shower rooms, bathrooms, changing rooms & sleeping rooms for overnight trips. The bill now moves to the Senate. Cathryn Oakley HRC State Legislative Director & Senior Counsel stated, “The eagerness with which Governor Kristi Noem & South Dakota legislators have worked to pass Senate Bill 46, legislation attacking transgender kids reveals their backward priorities & that Noem’s national political aspirations override any sense of responsibility she has to fulfill her oath to protect South Dakotans. This was made clear when Noem’s Chief of Staff likened transgender kids who want to play sports with their friends to ‘terrorists.’ Imagine your governor or her staff comparing you to a terrorist. This inflammatory rhetoric shows just how untethered Noem & legislators are from the realm of science, evidence, or reality. Governor Noem seeks to become the face of discrimination & fear-mongering by putting a target on the backs of vulnerable children who already fear for their safety & well-being. Senate Bill 46 & House Bill 1005 will harm transgender kids, adding to a dangerous wave of violence against transgender & gender non-binary people across the country that is being fueled by misinformation, discriminatory laws & divisive political talking points.” Last year legislators in a record 34 states introduced 147 anti-transgender bills. 2022 looks like it’s going to be a doozy. For More Info…

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