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Chantale Wong Named U.S. Ambassador

By Charlotte Robinson, February 09, 2022

The United States Senate has confirmed Chantale Wong by a vote of 66-31 to serve as the Director of the Asian Development Bank (ADP) making Wong the first openly lesbian & first LGBTQ person of color confirmed to an ambassador-level role in the history of the United States. Imani Rupert-Gordon NCLR Executive Director stated, "When President Biden took office a year ago, he pledged to transform the Executive Branch by including appointments that reflected the full diversity of our great nation including people of color & members of the LGBTQ+ community. From appointing Secretary Buttigieg & Admiral Rachel Levine the first Senate-confirmed openly gay & transgender cabinet-level appointments respectively to confirmation of Ambassador Wong, it is clear that President Biden is intent on fulfilling that promise. While there is still much work to be done on elevating LGBTQ nominees to federal judicial roles, we are heartened to see LGBTQ individuals finally being represented in the highest levels of government for the first time in history." Ambassador Wong concluded, “22 years ago, President Clinton appointed me to the Board of the ADB as the Alternate Executive Director. I was young & impressionable & had so much to learn. Tonight the US Senate confirmed me to return to the ADB as President Biden’s appointee. It is with great pride & humility I will serve once again at the ADB & knowing the challenges ahead will be great. I am ready!” Ambassador Wong now becomes one of the highest-ranking leaders of U.S. economic & international policy in Asia. NCLR is a national legal organization committed to advancing the human & civil rights of the LGBTQ community through litigation, public policy advocacy & public education. For More Info… 

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