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Film: 100 Years Of Men In Love (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, April 25, 2022

This week I talked with Emmy winning actor-producer David Millbern about his fabulous must-see documentary “100 Years Of Men In Love: The Accidental Collection”. The film focuses on Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell’s extensive collection of vintage photographs of men in love from 1859 to 1959. They accumulated their vintage photos over the years from flea markets, family archives & estate sales across the country. The film captures a time period when male partnerships were illegal so the poses were often subtle but still a bold statement of their bonds. It’s also a history of photography from professional portraits created on tintypes to amateur snapshots taken by these brave gay couples who wanted to capture their relationships in this new medium regardless of the possible consequences. Millbern was attracted to this subject matter after discovering an old tintype of his great uncles that he has now framed & proudly displays in his home. The project was a huge undertaking for David chronicling Nini & Treadwell’s massive collection of over 3700 photos into an hour-long moving documentary that reflects our LGBTQ community’s history of loving relationships spanning over 10 decades. It’s crucial for all generations from all races & sexualities to see this fascinating film to further understand that our LGBTQ community has always existed & that love is universal. Set to music with narration by Millbern & with interviews by the curators of the collection Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell, “100 Years Of Men In Love” was produced by William Clift, Paul Colichman & Millbern & is currently available on HERE-TV. I talked to David about his inspiration for creating this film & his spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN:  

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