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Magic Johnson Changing Hearts & Minds

By Charlotte Robinson, April 20, 2022

NBA legend Magic Johnson promoting his new docuseries “They Call Me Magic” on Apple TV+ talked about how his son EJ’s coming out changed his life on Daily Blast Live. Magic Johnson stated, “We grow up wanting our kids to be what we want them to be, right & so when that world changed, that he didn't become an athlete or he didn't become what I thought he should be. Then it was on me, not on him & so I had to change. I had to accept who EJ wanted to be & I had to love him for him. And I'm glad that he did change me & that he is such an incredible individual & doing some amazing things. And what really got to me was all the letters & emails that he has received around the world, how many lives he has changed & saved. He has been responsible for letting other kids be themselves as well as tell their parents that they wanted to come out to them because a lot of people wrote him & said I was struggling with that until you came out & I see how you just love being you that allowed them to love themselves & become a person who they wanted to become. EJ he is wonderful & he's doing a lot in the gay community as well & doing great things.” It’s so refreshing to have a positive spin on being your authentic self from a legendary role model. Especially since our LGBTQ community is facing over 300 anti-LGBTQ bills advancing in legislatures across the country surpassing 2021which was the worst year on record for introducing & enacting anti-LGBTQ legislation in statehouses across the country.

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