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Jason Stuart Best Actor Indie Awards

By Charlotte Robinson, April 09, 2022

Congratulations to Jason Stuart who won Best Actor In A Comedy for the Amazon series “Smothered” at the Indie Series Awards. Jason who been in close to 160 film & TV shows stated, "I have had a long winding career with lots of ups & downs. When I was a kid growing up I never thought that a gay man could win an award from his piers for playing a gay man! ...All I ever really wanted was to be a character actor." He also thanked his mother for her love & support & his co creator Mitch Hara who he co starred, co wrote & co produced the comedy series with. The 1st season of “Smothered” is available on Amazon, Revry, YouTube, Apple TV & more. "Smothered" is a fabulous must-see comedy series that brings much needed comedic relief with a 30-minute binge session of 7, 5-minute episodes of outrageous, irreverent & laugh out loud bliss. The series is about a longtime gay couple that cannot stand each other but can’t afford to get divorced. They decide to try & save their relationship by navigating their way through couple’s therapy. As the series unfolds through their uninhibited & often shocking therapy sessions viewers discover just how dysfunctional the couple of 20 years are as they outrageously nit-pick & push each other’s buttons. They're currently shooting season 2 with guest stars Amanda Bearse, Jai Rodriguez, Aida Rodriguez, Armand Fields, Jasper Cole & more. I talked to Jason & Mitch in 2020 about what they hope to accomplish with this hysterical comedy series & their spin on our LGBTQ issues in this exclusive audio chat. LISTEN  

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