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An Artist's Mission To End Hate (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, July 25, 2022

This week I talked to artist Jumper Maybach whose mission is to be a part of the solution to help end hate, bullying & intolerance worldwide. Jumper believes that a person’s trauma defines the individual. Maybach’s journey came to a head in 2010 after suffering decades of emotional abuse & being marginalized for his sexual orientation. He found himself on the brink of an emotional precipice which was instrumental & vital to his healing process by releasing his pain as well as his joy into his artwork. The art is a constant evolution of color & complete abandonment of the paint. The complexity of the abstract style comes from deep within. Jumper is unashamed to teach the world a lesson in compassion. Maybach’s art is about turning darkness into light. Not long after Jumper began his career as an artist he started to receive national & international recognition for his work. In 2013 Jumper held his first gallery show which ultimately led to an invite to attend Art Dubai 2013 as a VIP guest. Jumper exhibited in Dubai, UAE in 2015 & in 2017 at the prestigious Alliance Française. It was there that he received a documentary film opportunity & was dubbed the Jackson Pollock of the 21st century. Now Maybach has partnered with 4 distinct companies in an effort to expand their product line across multiple consumer retail segments as well as bringing new audiences to the brand & mission. The companies are BIG LOViE, Ahdorned, OPR Eyewear & V. Fraas with retail products launching now through September 2022. I talked to Jumper about what he hopes to accomplish with his work & his spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN  

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