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LGBTQ Out Leadership Summit Events

By Charlotte Robinson, July 08, 2022

Out Leadership's 2022 OutNEXT global leadership development summit takes place in person July 11th & 12th at Citigroup Inc in NYC & virtually from July 13th to July 15th. Out Leadership member companies around the world will come together with icons from the LGBTQ+ rights movement to focus on leadership development, brand improvement inclusivity & goal-driven impact. Todd Sears, Founder & CEO of Out Leadership stated, “We are so excited to bring this year’s OutNEXT 2022 Summit to the Big Apple, the town where I began my professional ascent as an out gay man & where later - from my sofa in Hell’s Kitchen – I founded Out Leadership. Mentorship & guidance was something that I had to seek out on my own back then. I continue to credit my mentors for my personal & professional success today. These men & women who helped steward my development are also responsible for my deep & abiding commitment to identifying, developing & supporting the talent of emerging LGBTQ+ professionals. We call this summit a ‘talent accelerator’ because the talent of these incredible young leaders has already landed them in the race. We’re just here to give them the tools to hit the ground running. I am incredibly grateful to our OutNEXT 2022 Summit sponsors, RBC Capital Markets, IBM, & Capital One & to our host Citi for making this event possible.” Some of this year’s notable participants will include: SenatorTammy Baldwin, activist James Dale, Florida student Javier Gomez, trans activist Mila Jam, Gus Kenworthy, Olympic medalist, Rashad Robinson, President, Color of Change & Evan Wolfson founder of Freedom to Marry. Out Leadership is the world’s first & only LGBTQ+ corporation whose sole product is equality. 

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