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LGBTQ Matchmaking Service (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, July 11, 2022

This week I talked with Tammy Shaklee a leading LGBTQ Relationship Expert & President of H4M one of the country’s top LGBTQ certified matchmaking companies. Since founding the national offline matchmaking company ten years ago Tammy & her team have successfully paired thousands of LGBTQ clients across the country that were seeking long-term committed relationships. As a fierce LGBTQ ally & advocate Tammy understands the challenges singles face when looking for a suitable mate since she met her husband through a matchmaking service herself. Then when she called the same matchmaker to refer a gay friend, she was appalled that not only did that company not take LGBTQ clients but they actually hung up on her for merely asking. This experience led Tammy to eventually start her own LGBTQ matchmaking company after months of focus group inquiries. Her unique process centers on traditional introductions & dating for LGBTQ singles who are interested in achieving relationship success that rivals their professional success. H4M introduces quality vetted eligible singles seeking a long term sustainable & committed relationship. Clients range in a variety of ages, ethnicities, education levels, professions & interests. Here’s how H4M works. First step is to book a complimentary oral consultation with one of H4M certified matchmakers since H4M conducts their business completely offline. Following background check approval candidates will be invited to become a client & are granted access to review potential matches. Next step will be a date coordination introduction that is followed by a post-date inquiry & if needed a next date coordination. I talked to Tammy about what she hopes to accomplish with H4M & her spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN  

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