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Mexico LGBTQ Inclusion Commitment

By Charlotte Robinson, December 06, 2022

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRCF) launched its 6th annual survey evaluating LGBTQ workplace inclusion within major Mexican businesses & multinationals. This year 252 employers have earned top ratings in the 2023 HRC report & total participants have increased to 298 from last year’s total of 262 reflecting a growing commitment in Mexico to creating LGBTQ inclusive policies & practices in their workplaces. RaShawn Hawkins, Director of the HRC Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program stated, “Inclusive workplaces increase engagement & productivity, lift up disadvantaged communities & help a business’s bottom line. Everyone wins - LGBTQ+ people, our co-workers & customers - when employers work to advance policies & practices focused on LGBTQ-inclusion & belonging. It’s the right business decision & it’s the right thing to do. HRC celebrates this year’s honorees for showing the way forward & we’re grateful to our implementing partners on the ground in Mexico for their collaboration & commitment to this work.” Fernando Velázquez, HRCF Equidad MX Implementing Partner added, “This year’s results are truly inspiring. The growing number of businesses committed to promoting LGBTQ+-inclusive policies & practices in Mexico indicates that more & more corporate leaders understand & value the equity & benefits of inclusive workplaces. We continue to see growth—32% of this year’s participants are Mexican companies.” Francisco Robledo, HRCF Equidad MX Implementing Partner concluded, “This year reflects the first major evolution of the program’s criteria & we were pleased with the progress. Corporate respondents were asked questions about their commitment to LGBTQ+ diversity & inclusion education & training, an area in which is a great opportunity for growth.” 

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