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Supreme Court LGBTQ Equality Agenda

By Charlotte Robinson, December 04, 2022

The radical right Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in 303 Creative, LLC v. Elenis on Monday December 5th a case which takes to task Colorado's ban on businesses & other places of public accommodation discriminating against our LGBTQ community. The case is reminiscent of the homophobic  arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights which resulted in a narrow 2018 Supreme Court decision & the same right wing law firm Alliance Defending Freedom is again attempting to overturn Colorado's anti-discrimination law. Like the Colorado baker a Christian graphic designer who creates custom wedding websites for her clients is refusing to create websites celebrating gay & lesbian marriages. Andy Thayer, co-founder of the LGBTQ Gay Liberation Network stated, "Now that anti-LGBTQ forces have packed the court's majority with the judges they want, they're taking a second bite at the apple. With no hint of irony, they're recycling the same arguments used a generation ago to try to stop equal access to public accommodations by Blacks." Roger Fraser LGBTQ Gay Liberation Network concluded, "While the 'Straights Only' case doesn't directly target racial & religious groups' equal access to public accommodations, it isn't hard to see that the attack on LGBTQ rights in this respect puts everyone's rights at risk. It's part of a broad spectrum attack, escalating with last June's dismantling of Roe v. Wade, that jeopardizes the gains that generations of civil rights activists fought & in some cases died for." So here we go again while we wait for Biden to sign into law the Respect of Marriage Act.

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