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Florida Expanding “Don’t Say LGBTQ”

By Charlotte Robinson, March 04, 2023

Florida Representative Adam Anderson (R-Tarpon Springs) has proposed to expand HB 1223 better know as the “Don’t Say LGBTQ” bill. The new bill doubles down on the vague & discriminatory law whose negative consequences have already been felt in schools across Florida. Jon Harris Maurer Equality Florida Public Policy Director stated, “Don’t Say LGBTQ policies have already resulted in sweeping censorship, book banning, rainbow Safe Space stickers being peeled from classroom windows, districts refusing to recognize LGBTQ History Month & LGBTQ families preparing to leave the state altogether. This legislation is about a fake moral panic, cooked up by Governor DeSantis to demonize LGBTQ people for his own political career. Governor DeSantis & the lawmakers following him are hellbent on policing language, curriculum & culture. Free states don’t ban books or people.” Tony Hoang, Executive Director, Equality California concluded, “There seems to be no limit to the cruelty & bigotry that Florida lawmakers, including Governor Ron DeSantis, wish to inflict upon LGBTQ+ students & their families. The mental health consequences that ‘Don’t Say Gay’ causes for LGBTQ+ students & their families are myriad & distressing. Numbers don’t lie —Students without access to supportive & affirming classroom environments are much more likely to engage in self-harming behaviors & have greatly increased levels of suicidal ideation. Make no mistake —Ron DeSantis & his ilk intend to put these children directly in harm’s way in order to score political points. Equality California will continue to work with our partners at Equality Florida as they face these unprecedented challenges. In addition, we will keep working with elected officials in California to uplift and protect LGBTQ+ students.” 

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