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Transgender Day of Visibility In 2023

By Charlotte Robinson, March 31, 2023

International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) founded in 2009 by Rachel Crandall-Crocker is held annually on March 31st celebrating transgender & non-binary people worldwide living openly & authentically while raising awareness around the discrimination & violence they still face. Laverne Cox stated, “In 2023, we are at the height of the backlash against trans visibility. We have way more people who are educated about trans folks, but there’s also been a rigorous misinformation media machine... The backlash is ferocious.” So far in 2023 more than 100 bills have been filed in America that would prevent trans youth from accessing age-appropriate medically-necessary gender-affirming care & several of these bills have already become law in a year when more than 425 anti-transgender bills have been introduced around the country. Kelley Robinson, HRC President concluded, “Every year, we set aside a moment in time to celebrate transgender & non-binary people in all their resilience & ferocity. But the truth is they deserve more than a day. Transgender & non-binary people are our family & friends, our colleagues & our loved ones & above all, they’re people who deserve full lived & legal equality. On the same day we celebrate the power & visibility of transgender & non-binary people, we must also acknowledge an exceedingly dangerous moment: legislators around the country seemingly competing to be the cruelest to our trans siblings. On this Transgender Day of Visibility, we all must recommit ourselves to fighting against those seeking to upend their lives & marginalize them for being their truest selves.” 

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