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Rhode Island Protecting LGBTQ Families

By Charlotte Robinson, March 13, 2023

With the threats to our LGBTQ community escalating across the country Rhode Island legislators are considering a bill to provide vital protections for our families. House Judiciary Committee members heard testimony last week on H 5226 that would provide a crucial next step in protecting LGBTQ families in Rhode Island something that is crucially needed in light of fallout from last summer’s U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs ruling that hinted at overturning Obergefell & escalated anti-LGBTQ threats & legislation across the country. Rhode Island H 5226 will make it more accessible for LGBTQ parents to ensure security for their families through a confirmatory adoption. Lead Sponsor Representative Rebecca Kislak stated, “I’m so proud of the work we did in 2020 to pass the Rhode Island Uniform Parentage Act which created paths for LGBTQ+ parents to secure their legal ties to their children under Rhode Island law. I’m hearing from terrified Rhode Island parents who are looking at what is happening around the country with anti-LGBTQ+ legislation targeting young people & court rulings ripping children away from parents who planned for, raised & love them. Now we need to take this next step to make sure every parent & child can have the security of adoption so they can feel secure if they happen to move or even just visit family in states like Florida or Oklahoma that don’t have the protections we have here.” H 5226 eliminates unnecessary requirements that aren’t appropriate for people who are already parents to their children & will provide a streamlined path for such parents to petition a court for an adoption decree.

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