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National Gay Commitment Ceremony

By Charlotte Robinson, May 03, 2010
Exclusive Audio Interview with James Nadeau,
Executive Director of the Boston LGBT Film Festival,

which is celebrating its 26th year and runs from
May 6th
to the 16th @OUTTAKE VOICES™

Equality Forum's National Gay Commitment Ceremony,
Sunday May 2nd. Over 100 gay couples will
reaffirm their
relationships with more than 5,000 LGBT supporters
allies as witnesses @ a commitment ceremony @ Equality
Forum's SundayOUT! @
The Piazza on Sunday at 2:30 p.m.
in Philly. The gay commitment
ceremony creates awareness
of the 1,138 federal marital benefits
denied gay couples,
including denying those legally married in 5
states &
Washington, D.C. Clergy will perform the ceremony.

For More Info & To Sign Up:
Exclusive Audio Interview w/ Malcolm Lazin, the
Founder & Executive Director of Equality Forum

2010 the LGBT Event began April 26 & runs thru

May 2 in Philly: More Info

Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™
Support Our Vision @ OUTTAKE™ EQUALITY STORE...:)

View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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