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Cyndi Lauper Champions LGBT Rights

By Charlotte Robinson, May 24, 2010
OK, Bret Michaels just got "hired" by Donald Trump but for our
LGBT community Cyndi Lauper whose charity is the True Colors

Fund of Stonewall Community Foundation was the true winner.

Last night she spoke about the fact that our LGBT American citizens

are denied basic civil rights in this country to a huge TV audience.
Monday Cyndi Lauper
was honored by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight
Education Network
(GLSEN) along with Pfizer, American Express,
David Dechman &
Michel Mercure & Student Advocate of the Year
Danielle Smith @
its seventh annual Respect Awards held at Gotham
Hall in NYC.
Among the several celebrities in attendance were
recently OUT country singer Chely Wright.
Thanks Cyndi for all the great work you do for our LGBT families...:)

For Info: www.glsen.org
For More Info: True Colors Fund.org
Recent Exclusive Audio Interview with Jarko
De Witte van Leeuwen, an international LGBT

adoption advocate. Jarko has written a children’s

book “Arwen and her Daddies” that tells their

adoption journey

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