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Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin on 'DADT'

By Charlotte Robinson, May 27, 2010
UPDATE: House leadership aides say the amendment vote
is likely to come up Friday for DADT.
McCain Asks Senate Armed Services Committee
To Televise DADT Repeal Vote
BREAKING: LT. Dan Choi & Capt. Jim Pietrangelo to Embark
on Hunger Strike Over 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Read More...UPDATE: Voting to begin Today on DADT in Congress.....:)
This week the House will vote on an amendment to repeal the
military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy.” The provision will take effect
after the Pentagon working group completes its implementation plan
this December & the President, Secretary of Defense, and Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certify the new policy is consistent with
military standards for readiness. Congresswoman Baldwin stated,
“When the House votes to repeal DADT, as I expect it will this week,
we will have taken one more step on the path to full civil rights for all
LGBT Americans, but we have much further to go. I look forward to
the expeditious implementation of all policies necessary to end
discrimination against gays & lesbians who currently serve or wish to
serve in the military. I also look forward to passage of a fully inclusive
Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the coming weeks. There is
no place for irrational & insidious discrimination in either the military
or the private sector.” Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is Co-Chair
of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. Updates to Come...:)

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