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George Michael Arrested, Again

By Charlotte Robinson, July 06, 2010
Exclusive Audio Interview w/ Jeff Parshley &
his partner celebrity photographer Adam Bouska

about their grassroots org the “NOH8 Campaign


Gay singer George Michael was arrested after crashing
his car into a shop in Hampstead, North London. The

47-year-old singer was returning from London Pride when

he crashed his Range Rover into a store near his home. The

singer completed a two-year driving ban last year after he

was convicted of DUI as a result of drug use. Last year, he

was released without charge after a late-night collision with

a tractor trailer in the UK. First he was outed in 1998 when

he was arrested for soliciting in Los Angeles & then was

arrested again in 2008 for possession of crack cocaine the UK.

Somebody get this dude help or @ the very least, a driver...:)
Updates to Come…

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