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United Nations Endorses Gay Group

By Charlotte Robinson, July 21, 2010
Exclusive Audio Interview with Gunner Scott
Executive Director of Massachusetts Transgender

Political Coalition

Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall who wrote
the landmark ruling legalizing gay marriage is retiring.

Tuesday Constance McMillen won $35,000 in damages from
the school district in Fulton, Mississippi after discriminating

against her when she wanted to bring her girlfriend to prom.
The United Nations has voted to accredit a U.S. based gay
rights group. It took 3 years for the International Gay &
Lesbian Human Rights Commission who applied for
"consultative status" @ the U.N. Economic & Social Council
(ECOSOC) to be approved by a 23-13 vote (w/ 13 abstentions.)
Over 3,000 groups have "consultative" status at the United
Nations. Those groups are allowed to submit statements,
advocate & attend meetings.The International Gay & Lesbian
Human Rights Commission has offices in New York City, South
Africa & Argentina. More Info: IGLGHRC.org
Exclusive Audio Interview with Gary Buseck,
Legal Director of the Gay & Lesbian Advocates &

Defenders (GLAD) on historic DOMA decision


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President Obama said...

With the more full inclusion of the International Lesbian & Gay Human Rights Commission, the United Nations is closer to the ideals on which it was founded & to values of inclusion & equality to which the United States is deeply committed. I welcome this important step forward for human rights.

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