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Poland’s Gay Pride Resists Violence

By Charlotte Robinson, July 17, 2010
Warsaw: Polish police used batons to push back homophobic
protesters @ Saturday's EuroPride gay parade in Warsaw.
Thousands of our LGBT community & allies marched in the
Polish capital, amidst several counter-demonstrations by
nationalist groups. Some demonstrators attempted to stop the
parade & threw eggs but Police intervened & used batons to
push back a crowd of protesters.
Warsaw has hosted gay pride parades since 2001 but this year
was the first time Warsaw has hosted the EuroPride parade,
which is held each year in a different European city.
LGBT civil rights remains a touchy subject in Roman Catholic
Poland. Warsaw Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz signed the
papers permitting the event. When he was mayor of Warsaw,
the late President Lech Kaczyński twice refused to allow gay
pride parades to go forward in the capital. Updates to Come…:)
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